Ticket Price (in RMB)

National Ticket Hotline : 4006103721

Ticket Agents : www.damai.cn / www.piao.com.cn


Date Tentative Match Schedules Tentative Start Times
Tentative Gates Opening
3F Grandstand 2F VIP Inner
2F VIP Suite
Normal Special
Sep 23, 2017
Singles Qualifying 13:00 12:00 FOC


Sep 24, 2017
Singles Qualifying 13:00 12:00
Sep 25, 2017
MD 1st Rd
13:00 12:00 50 30 100 120 1600
Sep 26, 2017
MD 1st Rd
13:00 12:00 50 30 100


Sep 27, 2017
MD 2nd Rd
13:00 12:00 50 30 120 150 1800
Sep 28, 2017
MD 2nd Rd
13:00 12:00 50 30 120 150 1800
Sep 29, 2017
MD Quarter Fs
14:00 12:00 50 30 150 200 2600
Sep 30, 2017
MD Semi Fs
14:00 12:00 80 40 200 300 3200
Oct 1, 2017
MD Finals
14:00 12:00 100 50 300 400 4000
(7 days)
250 150 680 880 9800

* Daily Order of Play is subject to the final confirmation of ATP Supervisor and Tournament Director the night before of each day.



Terms and Conditions :

  • Large Bags, beverages, guns/firearms, and ammunition/explosive goods are strictly prohibited into the stadium and the grounds of the tennis complex.
  • Security check points will open one (1) hour before the start of the first Day match.
  • All mobile phones must be switched to silent mode and the use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited during match play. Smoking and flash photography are not allowed at any court including but not limited to center court, court 1 and court 2.
  • Please be silent during match play and do not leave the seats until during changeovers.
  • The Center Court level 2 and inner ring spectators must be seated according to the seat numbers printed on the tickets and are not allowed to change seats without the organizer’s approval. The organizing committee reserves the right to sit spectators in other available seats at its own discretion.
  • All sales are final, no refund will be offered. Tickets shall not be resold and shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent, company or otherwise other than directly by Chengdu Open’s authorized agents. Any ticket advertised for sale through other channels will be void.
  • All spectators must have a valid ticket to enter the stadium. One ticket per person and no entry is allowed without the ticket stub.
  • Please do not write on/fold/damage the barcode and within 1cm around the barcode printed on the ticket. Ticket holders shall be responsible if the scanner cannot recognize the barcode due to the above conditions.
  • Please follow the instructions given by the security guards and/or Event staff when entering the stadium.
  • All ticket vouchers can only be redeemed for one entry ticket at the stadium box office located at the entrance of the Sichuan International Tennis Center on one of the dates printed and on the day of entry. The ticket vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Children under 3 years of age are not allowed into the stadium.
  • Tickets shall not be resold and/or used for any other promotional campaigns without the prior written approval of the 2017 Chengdu Open Organizing Committee.
  • No ticket holder may continually collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the Tournament any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from the commencement of a match through its conclusion) for any commercial or gambling purposes. In the event of an infringement of this prohibition, the organizer may take any legal action against the infringing person-including expelling the latter from the stadium.
  • The continual use of laptop computers or other handheld electronic devices within the confines (spectator area) of the tournament match courts is prohibited. The exception to this provision is properly credentialed media, tournament vendors and tournament staff when used in the performance of their duties.
  • In case of dispute, 2017 Chengdu Open Organizing Committee's decision shall be final.
  • Weather Policy :
    1. This policy applies to all ticket holders with a valid ticket purchased from the 2017 Chengdu Open Ticket Box Office and authorized ticketing agents.
    2. No refunds will be offered if at least one match on center court is completed or there has been more than one hour of play on center court.
    3. No refunds will be offered if matches are played as scheduled.
    4. Refunds will be offered if matches do not meet the condition of clause 2 stated above and the match will be considered canceled. The ticket holders shall keep the tickets in a good condition as a proof for refund. Tickets will not be refunded if lost.
    5. Complimentary tickets and ticket vouchers are not applicable to this policy.
    6. In case of dispute, 2017 Chengdu Open Organizing Committee's decision shall be final.